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Thread: WII GETS STUCK when downgrading

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    Exclamation WII GETS STUCK when downgrading

    Ok so i was advised that i should follow this

    to downgrade my wii from 4.2 to 4.1
    but when i reached the step
    install ios36 with fakesign
    i'm using the method for offline installation,i didnt have the wad folder so i created one and added these wads into it that were there,but i didnt know how to patch ios36 to all of them
    help would be nice,cause if i run i get a screen with all some hex codes,that i dont know Edit (word that is not necessary to convey my feelings on a family site
    so please help me out thanks

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    You ask in the thread of the guide you are following instead of an area that inexperienced users interact within?

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    You were advised by a fellow user, and this was wrong of him to do so for the reasons given in-thread as I closed it. So why did you feel the need to start a new one? Do it again and I'll infract you --- re-read the reasons given (that guide is not for you).


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