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Thread: New Problem reading disc's

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    New Problem reading disc's

    I have a softmodded wii, I used dogeggs guide, I'm on 4.1 I modded this about a year ago and it's worked perfectly for me thus far. Only problem I've had was when my gf bought me GH5, wouldn't play, all I had to do was install an update and it's worked fine. Well, I haven't played my wii for a long time, and yesterday my girlfriend was playing Guitar Hero, she wasn't having any problems, so last night I wanted to play my burned version of COD Modern Warfare, I've played it tons of times before, and haven't had a single problem. But the disc wouldn't load, I would just get "Disk Error 1053", I tried some of my other discs, and had the same problem. Just now I tried putting in some of my purchased disks, like guitar hero, super mario galaxy, and mario cart, all of those disks do not load though the disk loader as they always have in the past.

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem, any idea's on how to fix it, I might try to restore my wii to it's virgin state tonight, and see if that helps, then maybe try and re-unlock it. But that's going to take a lot of time, so if anyone has any suggestions that might fix this, I would really appreciate it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jballa9 View Post
    my gf bought me GH5, wouldn't play, all I had to do was install an update and it's worked fine.
    You ask as to what or how this "mysterious" problem developed. The answer is right above. Had you installed Priiloader and enabled the block disc-based updates, you'd not have experienced this. We have an Error Index for errors. You obviously don't have D3-2, nor "bad media" (you've screwed the pooch on the update; resoftmod your Wii ---- no reason to "virginize" it).

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    The update I installed wasn't a nintendo update, I found the GH5 guide ( and followed the steps for Run from Disk and it worked fine, all games worked fine after that, this was back in December, then probably a month later I stopped playing the wii, just got too busy, and my girlfriend was playing GH5 yesterday with no problems, I took the disk out and put in my burned COD disk in, wouldn't load, and no other disks load either, I have Neogamma 8 b7 installed, and also tried loading from Neogamma 8 in HBC, when trying to load that way I get error 1067, and nothing is loading either way. Very strange I think that it just happened all of a sudden, when it was obviously working before.

    So by re-softmodding it, what exactly does that mean? Is that just going through the guide again, starting from the beginning. I'll give that a try and see what happens.


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