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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri Intro Lag

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    Monster Hunter Tri Intro Lag

    Hey, I just got Monster Hunter Tri working on USB Loader GX using an 8gb stick I have, but I'm running the game from DVD through USB Loader. The actual game itself runs great but both of the intro movies have lag: Every couple of seconds you hear the Wii click and then the intro will freeze just for a split second then carry on for a couple of seconds and it just keeps doing that for the whole time of both intro videos. My USB stick is full of things so I was thinking it's maybe lagging because the USB doesn't have much space? But surely it doesn't need to use the USB for anything seeing as I'm running the game from DVD? Game is original. Thanks.

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    From your post I'm still unclear that if you are running from DVD or USB. I'm assuming DVD so with that established some games just don't run well off of a backup DVD. Examples are Red Steel 2 and Deadly Creatures. I actually think those 2 games may end up breaking a dvd drive with the noise and lag they generate. There are other games that don't run well either. Just nature of the videos that are required and speed of which the wii reads a backup dvd.


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