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Thread: insufficient space on a 16 gig formatted memory card help!!!!!!!! WTF

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    insufficient space on a 16 gig formatted memory card help!!!!!!!! WTF

    i recently received some games 2 pal and one ntsc and as i was trying to put them into my usb memory card 8 gig and none of them fit not even just one it says there isnt enough space i also formated a 16 gig sandisk memory card and still nothing i also tried using a different computer and nothing
    they are formatted to fat32
    can someone please help me understand wtf is going on with this

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    might i add these are 3 different games from 3 different sources

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    FAT32 does not accept files over 4GBs. Either convert them to .wbfs with wii game manager or format your Memory card to WBFS.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    omg i love you and thank you so much for replying so quickly
    now i get to krank it up to eleven woooooooooo
    thank you if i could id buy you something
    youve earned it in my book

  5. #5 problem. I'll remind you now though that if you have something to add to your thread and no one else has posted after you. then just use the edit function instead of making a new post.

    Damn I suck!!!!

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    with a 16GB usb memory stick, wbfs formatted, i could load in 7 games:
    NSMB_wii, NSMB_the_next_level, SMG_2, WiiFit_plus, Just_Dance, Mario_Party_8 + extra one !
    4 of above + Prince_of_Persia_TFSands.


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