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Thread: Play games from PC hard drive?

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    Play games from PC hard drive?

    Is it possible to play Wii games from my PC hard drive so I don't have to buy an external hard drive? I have a 1.5TB hard drive it had enough room to store all the games I want.

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    Um, unlikely. Your HD would have to be USB; is it? If the answer is no, then no. If yes, even then I'm not sure if the Wii could use whatever USB controller that's installed in your PC to work in this scenario (most likely not). If you want to buy a cheap but compatible enclosure and don't mind repartitioning the drive and ripping it out of your PC and moving it between Wii and PC all the time, I suppose that's an option. Don't be tight, Wal-mart sells WD external 2.5" HDs cheap nowadays.
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