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Thread: Xenoblade Black screen

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    Xenoblade Black screen

    when i put i try xenoblade i get a black screen with jumbled letters

    tried neogamma got same problem and im running on darkcorps

    ps : im pretty new to wii so im not really sure how things work

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    Dumb question: aside from FAILCORP (I mean DarkCorp --- I mean cIOSCorp ---- well, you get the idea), why would you try a title from a backup loader if you have DC installed? Why don't you try the WIN method and remove FAILCORP as described here and try it with your backup loader again. Black screen is usually a sign of missing IOS, but sounds like you're getting something so likely not the cause ("jumbled letters")? Try what I suggest and post back.

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    So I can assume that this game has protection? Thanks for the info because I was about to d/l and try it out.

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    i actually got it to load with usb loader however after pressing new game it gave me a black screen with japanese text ( piracy check ?) and thats as far as i got


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