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Thread: Putting files in the HDD

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    Putting files in the HDD

    Is there a way to use the hdd to put files from your computer after you format the HDD to play wii games?

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    if its formatted to fat32 yes if its WBFS no

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    if you setup mutiple partitions on your drive you could.

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    How do i set up multiple partitions?

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    Search! There are guides on this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by herolegendmyth View Post
    How do i set up multiple partitions?
    Look here.

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    when i click the format button, it said that it could delete everything in my HDD, is there a way around it?

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    No. Backup your games before formatting. It WILL delete them. Not could delete them.
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    how do i backup them?

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    Extract them from your drive before formatting and keep them on your PC.
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