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Thread: Running 3.3e, update wii before or after softmod.

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    Running 3.3e, update wii before or after softmod.

    the title pretty much says it all but ill go on to explain a bit further.

    I haven't used my wii in quite some time but im planning on getting back into it and playing it more and i turned it on tonight to play a game and i saw that to play the game i would have to update.

    I checked and saw that i was running 3.3E and i was thinking about softmodding it as i have a spare sd card and HD, but i wondered should i just use the apps that come with the softmod to do all the updating or let the wii do its own update then install the homebrew stuff.


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    follow the guide by dogeggs 3.1-4.1 it will get you to 4.1 where you want to be no point of going to 4.2 through nintendo update

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    either way will help u to the goal.
    perhaps, apply everything fm apps, if u "plan" to go thru the softmod process word to word against the Tut.


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