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Thread: IOS's For new wii games

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    IOS's For new wii games

    Hi, new wii games have the dreaded 4.2 systems update on them, when i can find them i only load the relevant IOS with Dop-mii. It's very difficult to find these new IOS's, is there any software that will look in an ISO file and tell what IOS+version it uses. Thanks

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    In the guides section, there is a guide titled "what ios's games need to run". It has a list of them in the first post, and a method to find out on an iso on the second post.
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    IOS patcher will tell you what IOS it uses but not the revision. You can usually find out the revision by opening the ISO in wiiscrubber and expanding the update partition and looking for it manually. (Using the IOS that IOS patcher showed you as a reference).

    There are 2 or 3 guides on this.
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    I'm sorry but i can't find this "guides section" do you mean game guides

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    If you can't find the page that lists all the forums and sections of the site, this does not bode well. "Recommended Guides," for the IOS that Games Run On thread... if you'd post in the Intro Section of the site as we ask users to do when they're new here, you'd likely get the links you seem to be unaware of.


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