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    sd card

    Im trying to add wii covers to my sd card, as I have always done but for some reason my computer wont read anything on my sd card. this has never happened....I have never had a problem like this before. Any suggestions or reasons why this happened? Thanks so much!!

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    have you recently installed a different cios rev than you had in the past? have you checked out your sd card on either a pc or using wiixplorer to make sure the files are there? have you tried to reinstall the covers from the loader?

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    sd card contact points contaminated ?
    sd card retired after static charge ?
    defective card reader ?
    wong card ?

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    OP's computer won't read the card so, there are always ways around that I'm just not in the mood to troubleshoot computer related issues tonight. Install FTPii via Homebrew Browser and you can always FTP the covers to the SD inserted into the Wii. My computer doesn't read my SD card, I had to get a secondary reader.


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