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Thread: LG GDR-8163b - Can't read Wii discs!

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    Question LG GDR-8163b - Can't read Wii discs!

    Hey, so I managed to get myself one of the few DVD ROMs that can read Wii games, but it can't seem to read any of them! I don't know if this is a driver issue, since I got mine used with no driver CD, and I installed it into my computer with the slave configuration, but I don't think that makes a difference.

    Has anyone else had these issues before? I'd appreciate if anyone else can help me out or show some pointers on what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Rage View Post
    Hey, so I managed to get myself one of the few DVD ROMs that can read Wii games, but it can't seem to read any of them!
    Have you tried running RawDump 2.1 and seeing if says "Wii Disc Detected" ?

    Don't rely on if you can view the Wii or Gamecube Disc in Windows Explorer .. It uses a totally different filesystem. Just stick a Wii or Gamecube Disc in .. start Rawdump .. and see if you can dump a game.

    Oh .. and what firmware are you running?

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    Thanks for the reply Chubbs, I'll try Rawdump 2.1 now.

    As for Firmware, i have no idea...where can I check?

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    As Chubbs said, try Rawdump 2.1 and also if that doesn't work try Friidump.

    As for firmware update , use google and type lg gdr-8163b firmware to search bt first do some research as to which firmware reads wii discs before attempting any firmware update.

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    The firmware is shown in the selected drive in RawDump. When you start-up Rawdump .. it should automatically choose your GDR Drive. The last 4 characters is the firmware version.

    GDR-8162b F/W: 0018
    GDR-8161b F/W: 0100

    See attached pics.

    The lower the model number .. the faster the rip .. although it's only marginally different. I did have problems with my 8162b drive ripping my Gamecube Pikmin .. it would always have an error at the same point. But the 8161b drive had no problems ripping the game at all .. and plays normally.

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    hi guys wonder if you can help me atall,

    I managed to get a lg-gdr8163B drive, which im connecting to my laptop via and IDE - USB cable, my laptop is recognising the drive, it installed the drivers autmatically, and it reads dvds, cds, etc, when i run a wii disc in it with rawdump though, it says wii disc detected, then pops up an error message saying "you may have a faulty drive".

    now im wondering maybe is this error being caused because of the ide adaptor or possibly the fireware of the dvd-rom drive?

    hopefully one of you very lovely wii-bods will have had the same issue and resolved it?

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    Just a thought..Or maybe because it is indeed faulty was the reason you were able to get hold of it.

    Besides that I'm not sure of the validity of this IDE-USB cable you are using and whether it is compatible with the rawdump software.

    I'd try plugging it into a proper IDE channel on a PC and evaluating it from there.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Thanks Tealc99,
    im picking up my old desktop at somepoint over next few days, so going to then install this new drive in my tower, see if it works from there,
    i shall post back on here what happens just in case any others have problems like this

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    the only problem i have with my LG reader was that it read original discs and dumped them with rawdump 2.1 100% of the time but reading backup's it wasnt that good it either didnt see them or it would read them but fail to dump

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    Hey all,

    Installed my Lg drive into my desktop and it works fine no problems, so Im assuming that Rawdump has some compatability issues when used in conjunction with an IDE-USB interface,
    Hope this helps some others that are having problems dumping games via an internal drive to a laptop!


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