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Thread: Question about NAND-backup

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    Question about NAND-backup

    I have one question. I have a softmodded Wii with sysmtem 4.2E, BootMii as Boot2 and (since today) PriiLoader. My girl bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 and did a firmware update. After that Neogamma didn't work anymore. After uninstalling the stubbed IOS'es en reinstalling the right ones everthing is working again. After installing PriiLoader and blocking disc updates, Super Mario Galaxy 2 worked fine as if NeoGamma.

    Now my Wii is again softmodded. If I make a nand back-up at this time, would that be a nand back-up including all the custom IOS'es,HBC, etc....? With other words, what exactly is included in the nand back-up?
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    Whatever u have installed when u do the back up, basically it saves your wii memory to that point in time.


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