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Thread: Issue with instaling Virtual Consols on fimware 4.2u :(

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    Issue with instaling Virtual Consols on fimware 4.2u :(

    Hey guys,

    I'm kinda of a newbie when It comes to forums, so i guess this'll be detailed and simple so ya'll can understand the pain I'm going through.

    I am unfortunate to have already have installed the 4.2u firmware before knowing anything about the softmod. so I've been doing a lot of reading and realized it would be a challenge.

    I am currently trying to install virtual consoles to the system and every time it says "this channel is unavailable to play on this system" or something like that. I use the WAD installer in Homebrew, and on my SD card i have all the games I wanted to install, so I select one of the games. the game appears on the channel list like nothing is wrong with it, but sure enough I always get that little message which forces me to turn my wii off.

    I've also tried to use the USB loader gx (whatchama call it) but it always asks me to format my usb card. I Format it with the wii assuming that it'll help for when I put games in it, but obviously, with my luck, it asks me to format the card again. I did not format the card after formatting it with the wii. I've also tried formatting the card with my PC and MAC to a (FAT) and (FAT32).

    ... no luck though.

    Some one please help I've been at this for 5 straight days. I thought this softmod thing would have been easier

    Ps. My WAD manager is version 1.4 and reminder, Wii Firmware is 4.2u

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    are you sure you are using your region freethewads......

    your usb device might not be compatible with wii

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    I think the usb device has to be formatted to something different..WBFS or something?

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    wow, i am such a noob I apologize. what's a "region wads"

    and ya I should probably try another USB.

    thanks for the help! I am just on the verge of completely just giving in to paying lol

    I tried finding that format option, (mind I didn't really search for it, I was a bit late for work) my problem is I'm also using a Mac for most of these process which I realize could be a problem. but wouldn't the wii format it to the type of format I need anyways?
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