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Thread: Need help with my Playstation 3 (very detailed)?

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    Need help with my Playstation 3 (very detailed)?

    Everything works on my playstation except I have a big problem when trying to play video games. Movies work fine all the way through but when I try to play a game I can only play it for about 20 mins and then the game freezes up and freezes up the whole playstation. I've restored default setting and the same things with the files. I've uninstalled and installed the game and I've tore my playstation apart and cleaned the laser lense but still no luck. I do not want to send it end to service because it will cost just as much as basically buying one. I was thinking about upgrading my hard drive but i don't think that will help. Any suggestions?...

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    When you say movies, are you playing Blu-ray or normal DVD`s. Is it all games or just one or two?. I think movies use a different part/angle of the laser than games...i could be wrong though.

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    not tried it my self, but have a mate or two that has and it works

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!


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