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Thread: Can current Black Wiis be soft modded

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    Can current Black Wiis be soft modded

    Can I softmod a brand new black Wii if I bought it today using messie's guide for 4.2?

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    Yes, but you'd not be able to play DVD backups, rather you'd have to USB HD it. Or WODE. Or Sundriver.

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    Excellent I appreciate the very quick reply, and I prefer USB anyway. Thank you very much nightstah!

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    Gen3SF has a USB HD gaming guide here along with links to HDs to see if compatible or not. Good luck!

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    OK so they can be soft modded.....but what if u soft modded and hard modded them? meaning took it apart and replaced it with an older drive?

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    why would you want to? Go with usb hdd in my op

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    Hardmodding would be next to useless since you can't play discs. Save your money and load from usb

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    Softmodded mine and she works beautifully just using my hdd for backups

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    save the $$ for a usb memory stick; not for a modchip.


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