Hi anyone know if its possible for nintendo to tell you softmodded your wii?.
Reason im asking is because i sent a wii off for repair that was out of warranty and told them i updated to 4.2 and that bricked my wii.
They told me they would fix it for free as it was their fault.
It was a low level brick so just the black screen i couldn't use savemefrii because no game has 4.3 on it.The wii also did not have bootmii so the drive will not flicker blue.
I just logged on to the fast track this is what i got
11/04/2010 New uID
04/06/2010 Received
04/06/2010 Confirmed
08/06/2010 Inspected
08/06/2010 Waiting for Payment
08/06/2010 First Notification (Letter Sent)
09/06/2010 Free of charge
09/06/2010 Query Raised
09/06/2010 Query Completed