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Thread: No music in Naruto GNT4

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    No music in Naruto GNT4

    I'm sorry but I didn't really know where I should post it. Please move the topic if it's in the wrong place.

    Basically, I've burned Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taiken 4 with Imgburn and tried to launch it with GC Backup Launcher on my Wii. It worked but, for some reason, there is no music at all. Every other thing works normal.

    I tried googling this issue but haven't found anything..
    Is it the Backup Launcher problem, or maybe the disc? I've tried burning it on x4 and x1 speed, nothing works.

    Thanks for help

    Edit: Sorry, I really wasn't sure where it should because I don't know if it's disc, Wii or Backup Launcher problem. ;/
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    Moved it to --- you guessed it --- gamecube section.


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