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Thread: Games not installing through USBLoader....

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    Games not installing through USBLoader....

    Yesterday I followed a tutorial on how to softmod any Wii and how to get it ready for USBLoader. When I used it the only game that would install is Super Mario Galaxy 2 (it wouldnt run without the CD being inside the Wii) and when I try to install every other game the installing process only shows for half a second and disappears. Any ideas why?

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    HI Mugiey,
    What Guide?
    What USB Loader?
    What System Menu? Is it a newer Wii that can't read backups?
    What cIOS?

    Some tutorial and some usbloader isn't much for us to go on?
    SoftMod Essentials:- CFG USB Loader FAT32 --- Wii Game Manager

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    if your gx rev is between r922-r929....swap to r935 or r921

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    make sure your hard drive is formatted to wbfs. you can do so from the loader or from wbfs manager.


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