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    Hi. I've burned two different Metroid Prime Trilogy DVD5 (only part 1&2) ISOs on Verbatim DVD-R. I try to launch them with NeoGamma R9 beta 13, but than a black screen pops up. The Wii disc channel says with both ISOs that it's a GameCube game. I have mIOS, NeoGamma R9 beta 13, IOS 249 rev 19. How can I play this game???
    I followed the tutorial 'Getting Metroid Prime Trilogy to work'. I can't even launch the game to create a save file. I POSTED THIS QUESTION IN THAT TOPIC TOO, BUT I DON'T GET AN ANSWER.
    Thanks in advance!

    I got as answer:
    And exactly which wiihacks softmodding tutorial instructs you to install cIOS 249 Rev 19?
    What do I have to do then?

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    Did you read the guide? Because if you did, you'd know Rev 19 ain't the solution. I'm pretty sure you didn't post your inquiry in the guide, you may want to read it...

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    Thanks for the reply. I read the guide, but it didn't hlp. I know rev 19 is not the solution, but i want to know wat the real solution is...
    In the guide I tried the easy way, I will try the hard way, may that help?

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    Probably the thing to do and if still a problem, inquire within its own thread (not another one, like this one).


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