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Thread: Formatted Wii=no chance for homebrew?

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    Angry Formatted Wii=no chance for homebrew?

    I've run into a problem. i'm using 4.2 and after I got homebrew working, I started installing everything I needed to....eventually making it to the point where I came across that evil ios249. the program that I was supposed to use to remove the ios249 kept giving me errors and I figured somewhere along the lines I screwed up the installation process..somehow. so, I had the bright idea of formatting the wii..thinking I could start the process over again, fresh. wrong. i've formatted the SD card, and put the bannerbomb and hackmii files back on the card.. but when I go to the SD card menu and plug in the SD card, I get a question mark. when I click on the question mark it tells me "this channel cannot be launched on this wii console." I read another thread someone posted with a very similar problem but I don't have those two games I would need to try bannerbomb differently. so as of right now, my question for you is, I've formatted my wii and have tried damn near everything to get the homebrew icon back and it seems impossible. is there anything I can do? any response would be greatly appreciated.. i've put the past 6 hours into trying to get this to work

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    Section 1 of this guide -- Try steps 1-3 first. If no luck move to step 4-a.

    Bannerbomb Freezes -- Hackmii installer -- Blackscreen
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