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Thread: Jett Rocket (wiiware)

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    Jett Rocket (wiiware)

    I read a preview about this game called Jett Rocket.

    I can't wait to give it a try.

    Jett Rocket promo at youtube

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    That looks like it might be fun. Pretty cool for a Wiiware game.

    Damn I suck!!!!

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    does look cool

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    Looks pretty interesting. I'll definitely give it a try when it's released! Thanks for sharing!

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    After checking out more videos for this game it really reminds me of a mix of old-school 2D sonic games and 3D mario games. (Again, Impressive for a wiiware game)
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krank View Post
    (Again, Impressive for a wiiware game)


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