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Thread: IOS 55 downgrade - no wiimote connectivity

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    IOS 55 downgrade - no wiimote connectivity

    Hi, I've scoured the internet and can't seem to find the exact answer I'm looking for. I have an LU64+ Wii (PAL), with System Menu 4.2. When I turn my wii on it goes through the back screen to the system menu as it usually does (I have preloader 0.3 installed, and have this setting selected), but my wiimote doesn't connect, and I've tried resynching a number of times. The lights light up on the wiimote but no response. I only have bootmii installed as IOS but I do have a backup NAND. I'm able to access preloader by holding the reset and power buttons, but as my wiimote isn't working I can't select anything. I think the problem has come about because I installed an IOS55 wad, v5149 (don't ask me why, hindsight is a wonderful thing) with Wad Manager 1.6. So to summarise I basically have two problems:

    1. Is there any way to navigate preloader, and subsequently the homebrew channel using only the buttons on the front of the Wii, or else do I need to get a gamecube controller? If I do, will any gamecube controller do or do I have to have an official nintendo one? I guess the best solution would be if the wiimote could resynch somehow without going to that hassle.

    2. If I manage to get into the homebrew channel (probably with a GC controller if thats what I have to do), in order to fix this do I just uninstall the v5149 wad with Wad Manager (assuming I can use the GC controller there), or alternatively Dop-Mii? Will it then revert to the previous wad (which I assume was IOS55 v5406), or will I need to reinstall the latest IOS55 wad?

    I know that my Wii being an LU64+ and trying to downgrade the IOS55 was a bad idea. Trust me, its not going to happen again. If there's any other information that I've left out please let me know. If there's an alternative solution to what I think might work above I'm all ears as well.

    Many thanks

    Just to add I also installed IOS249 v19 (changed from v17) a little while before installing the IOS55 wad if thats useful. I also have Wii Sports installed as a channel through loadstructor if thats any help, as I've seen it runs on IOS 55.

    Edit: Its actually priiloader v0.4 (r78) I have installed.
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    You will need a GC controller for Preloader. If you have one then you will be able to get the HBC to boot. You would be better off using Dop-Mii to install a newer verison of IOS55.

    If you haven`t got a GC controller then you could also look for an autobooting HBC for your SD card.

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    Arnie25 is correct you need a game cube remote plugged into port 1 to navigate through preloader if you do not have a wiimote synced

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    Ios55 is not going to mess with your wiimote. Turn the wii on, then push the red button on the wii, then push the red button on the wiimote. If you can't get it to sync try new batteries or a new wiimote.
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