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Thread: Help me with wii please? Im from Sunshine Coast

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    Help me with wii please? Im from Sunshine Coast

    Hi all,
    can anybody help me to set up my wii as I'm afraid to do it and I recently used twilight hack and had the homebrew channel updated and i still couldn't load any more wad files at the moment, and now im on 4.01e and want to do the usb loading thing to play iso game. I live in Sunshine Coast, thanks.

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    twilight hack is an old method and no loger used follow the guide by dogeggs to soft mod your wii....its the easiest guide to follow if you read it will set you up so you can install wads and play back ups and it has a link on how to set up your hdd for usb loading

    if you run into a problem ask in the thread of the guide

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    thanks, i didn't want to do it on internet connection, and can i do it without it, and is it safe to use the bannerbomb? or should i update to 4.2?

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    If you have internet capability do yourself a favor and use it in the way the guide explains. Just read and follow the guide, please don't make this any harder than it needs to be.
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    I could not use internet for wii as i don't have an adapter for the wii, but hoping someone can help me in Sunshine coast


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