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Thread: Which Version / D2Sun **NooB**

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    Which Version / D2Sun **NooB**

    Hi all,

    My first post on here and wondered if anybody would care to assist me.

    I've had my Wii about 6 months now, and am in a position where I would like to install a modchip and enjoy all the resulting benefits!

    After reading through many of the threads on here, I would like to know/check over a few things before I go ahead and order anything.

    1) I know about the serial number utility to find the verison of my Wii, but is there a tutorial anywhere showing how to check the version 100% by means of opening up the console?

    2) I've decided that the D2Sun looks like the way to go in terms of modchips, and I'm quite interested in a totally solderless solution (even though I do have a soldering setup, I cannot say I am confident in my skills as yet!). Therefore, the WiiClip looks very promising.

    Can anyone tell me which version is best/most stable for general use? And also, any reputable dealers in the UK from which to purchase a pre-soldered D2Sun/WiiClip setup?

    Finally, am I correct in thinking this route really is solder-free, or are there any 'hidden extras'?!

    Note: I have a tri-wing screwdriver on its way to me in order to carry out the surgery

    Cheers guys.


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    Hi madnesstiger, Welcome to the WiiHacks community.

    You can you the video tutorial in the following thread to see how to open as well as install solderless chip

    You can take a look at the chart at the D2sun site to see the difference between each d2sun chip

    D2SUN universal 6 wires modchip for ALL Nintendo WII! With nero dual programmer

    You can then go to the following thread for more modding info

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    Thanks for your welcome and great reply, the video's are very clear and well presented, and all looks very straight-forward to me.

    All the links are very onformative, and I look forward to finding a good source of the items I require.

    Thanks again

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    My D2Sun v3 / Wii clip arrived today!

    I followed CanadaMods' video tutorial, and installed it successfully (I think!).

    I set all 4 switches on the D2Sun to D2C/PAL settings (all 4 in a row, 'number' side), and put it all back together.

    I've tried several 'original' games so far, and all seem ok, but there is a niggly bug I've found:

    When I remove a disc on the Wii Menu, the console will not let me insert another one right away... I need to power off the console, and insert a new disc when I power on again. Is this normal, or have I cocked-up somewhere?!

    And also, on WiiSports, I finish a game of Baseball, and a black 'error' screen appears instructing me to power off and eject the disc.

    Hope all's ok here, any advice?


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    yeah, that's not normal, you probably have a loose pin somewhere in the clip, examine if any of the pins are recessed and I would double check if the chip is soldered on correctly to the clip.

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    Reading through some of the threads, it looks like quite a common occurence where the console has to be re-booted in order to swap discs.

    Since writing the last post, I have had cases where I HAVE been able to swap discs successfully, but this is only maybe 20% of the time.

    Just about to go and try my first 'burnt' game Fingers crossed!

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    No, it is not normal to have to reboot the Wii to change discs, so there is something that is not right. make sure the clip is seated firmly and aligned, as even a slight misalignment can cause an issue. Also check the pins under the clip to see if any of them are slightly bent, but also don't keep taking the clip off and on as this will loosen the grip of the clip and it will not stay seated.

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    Thanks again for your advice.

    I tried burning a few backups to test with the new modchip, and got nowhere. I tried a number of different programs, write speeds etc, only to be greated with a 'cannot read disc' message!

    So, I have just taken the Wii to bits again, only to find the WiiClip (and attached D2Sun, floating around the mainboard, not secured at all!!

    I re-attached the clip with plenty of force, and ensured a square-fit was established, before powering-up the system once more. I got green lights on the Wii and the modchip, which I assume means 'all is good'. Even more so, I found I could swap discs with no problems whilst the power was on. That's one problem sorted!

    However, when I come to try the backups again, I continue to get the same read error message (although on one occasion, I did get a GameCube title to appear on the Wii menu, and load as far as the Nintendo logo, before it decided enough was enough, and it wasn't to read the disc any longer).

    I'm thinking now that it may be the DVD's I'm using (Tesco DVD-R, burning @ 4x)... they're good enough for Xbox and PS2, but the Wii's having none of it. I'm going to buy some Verbatims tomorrow and try again.

    I've left the Wii stripped for now, and will piece it back together once I get a little more success

    PS: I took a look at the chip/clip, and all seems quite well put together, with no bent pins etc apparent. The green light was a promising sign also!

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    I bought a spindle of 50 Verbatim 16x DVD-R's today, with TYG03 I.D.

    I found they would burn at minimum of 6x on my USB DVD writer, and 4x on the laptop.

    I burnt a few discs on both systems, using IMGBurn, at lowest speeds possible.

    However, when I come to try them.. I get exactly the same as before, nothing diferrent at all!

    Here's what happens:

    I place disc in Wii, and the disc spins up.

    After ~5 seconds, the Wii refuses to read anymore, and I am left with another 'coaster'.

    I tried this with both the WiiClip fitted, and also not-fitted, and I get the same result.

    Original games, however, still work fine.

    Here's my setup:

    The switches are set for D2C/PAL (although changing these makes no difference to whether the disc reads any better). Notice the green light (I get one split second flash of red, only when I first power up the Wii)

    What are the 4 numbered gold points for in the corner, where it says DMS?

    Hope somebody can help, as I'm starting to lose patience with it now!

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    the 'auto' jumper isnt set, see near the hole where it says v12b, and then there is jumper coming form j point i think. close that jumper, then set the switches for your chipset. try the d2c config and then the d2c2 config if it still doesnt work.
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