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Thread: Mario Party 8 Black Screen

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    Mario Party 8 Black Screen

    Hello Wii Hacks, this is my first post so please take it easy on me.

    This is the fifth game I have made my own back up of (I own this game, just wanted another copy). I burned the dvd at 2X speed, and used a DVD-R. I loaded the game with Neogamma 8, and at the bottom is says IOS249 REV 17.

    From what I have read, a black screen means that I am missing the IOS to run this game. However, I have also read that I need IOS9 to run this game. I downloaded the wad and installed it to my wii, and I am still getting a black screen. I'm stumped here. I've read so many posts and most people say "I figured it out," and did not post the solution.

    Any help would he appreciated. Thanks!

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    A simple reburn fixed it. I noticed an error message that got minimized when I went back on my computer saying the disc failed to burn.


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