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Thread: SD card's gone wild

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    SD card's gone wild

    I just installed HB today. Only had a couple of apps like Gecko, Wadmanager, GeeXboX and.. there wuz another cant remember. It worked fine. I think I checked about 6 games. Then I installed some WADS and I insterted the SD into the Wii and just 2 apps showed up on HBC and they didnt have any text or icon and they couldn't be executed. I checked it on my PC and some folders have weird named files like..
    "▄h{b╟.α╢" And each folder is like 60 gbs. And when I check the properties of my Card it says just 8 mb used. Now I cant delete the files nor format them

    I formatted it via my Camera and it worked.
    But tell me why this happened. Did these files come from WII? coz I backed up the nand on my sd card from BootMII
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    um nabeel not sure i have never had that, tho i have had the memcard wipe when in the wii why i have mem card stuff backed up on usb drive/pc as its a pain in the ass to find all the stuff again and have it on card,


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