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Thread: USB crashes if more than 1 game on disk?

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    [SOLVED]USB crashes if more than 1 game on disk

    SOLVED by setting FAT32, IOS222 and not turning on the HD until right after pressing Start on USB Loader GX.

    1. Used Messies 4.2E virgin guide :

    2. Had absolutely no problems with backup-discs or USB-stick.

    3. However, using my ( not tested for compatibility ) Iomega USB HD, whenever I add more than 1 game on it, the Wii freezes upon loading USB Loader GX or GammaLoader's USB mount.

    Any workarounds? I was thinking maybe trying FAT32 or changing partitions etc., but I'm really fed up messing around xD
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    I think you meant Messie's 4.2 softmodding guide, not "virgin" guide. Did you bother to follow Gen3SF's USB HD gaming thread?

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    Yup, I know what I'm doing somewhat.
    Everything works on the USB-stick, just not the HD, and yes, I've set it for Active and Primary and now I'm trying to set it at 100GB just to check ( it's 300GB originally ) if that might work.
    I've also tried Active Killdisk despite there being no hidden partitions.

    EDIT : It's just really weird that it works just perfectly with 1 game on it, but adding any more games no matter what game, it blacks out on GammaLoader and USB Loader GX.
    EDIT 2 : Nope, changing partition-size does not fix it. Now trying FAT32.
    EDIT 3 : FAT32 made it show up at least in USB Loader GX, however freezes upon starting the game and not showing up again any more.
    So unless any of you Gods got any more tips, then I think I'll post it as Uncompatible on the comp. site.
    I do have a 16GB stick that works just well, but sick and tired of switching back and forth on the games :P
    Guess I just have to get a new USB HDD that's listed compatible.
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