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Thread: cIOS36-rev7 will not work on my wii why is this

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    cIOS36-rev7 will not work on my wii why is this

    hi there i mange to get the home brew channel and the dvd codex to work on my wii and it is playing dvds and other homebrew apps with no problem.

    but when i try and install the cIOS36-rev7 on my wii it cuts my wii remote out of action and i cant use it and can not press A to seclect the custom CIOs what do i need too do in order to get this to work

    i am running ver 4.2E on my wii at this time

    thank you for your help

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    Hey, bub --- we support our own guides. Ours doesn't involve Rev 7, sorry.

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    hi there

    thank you

    so is there an guides i can follow to get this sorted?

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