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Thread: Metroid Prime Trilogy

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    Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Hi. I've burned two different Metroid Prime Trilogy DVD5 (only part 1&2) ISOs on Verbatim DVD-R. I try to launch them with NeoGamma R9 beta 13, but than a black screen pops up. The Wii disc channel says with both ISOs that it's a GameCube game. I have mIOS, NeoGamma R9 beta 13, IOS 249 rev 19. How can I play this game???
    I followed the tutorial 'Getting Metroid Prime Trilogy to work'. I can't even launch the game to create a save file. I POSTED THIS QUESTION IN THAT TOPIC TOO, BUT I DON'T GET AN ANSWER.
    Thanks in advance!

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    And exactly which wiihacks softmodding tutorial instructs you to install cIOS 249 Rev 19?


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