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Thread: Unable to load Super Mario Galaxy 2

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    Unable to load Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I have Wiikey 1, and SMG2 loads up on the Wii menu, but when I hit start then it just gets stuck on a black screen.

    Is this the proper fix for my problem? I'm not sure since it says error 002, but I don't know if I am getting that error.

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    What system menu r u on? Sounds like u r using an iso that has had the update partition scrubbed.

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    I am on 4.2U, and I am not sure if it's scrubbed or not. Where should I go from here?

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    Being Ithian's guide on this game mentions this mod chip, you may check it out. I also have moved this thread into the proper location of the site.

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    Would that be the right fix then? I don't want to break my Wii now.

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    Following a guide on here as provided many with WINS and not FAILS (fails come from not reading)

    So i would say that following the guide will provide you the win that you are looking for...

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    I actually got another version (not scrubbed), and it asks for update. Should I update? I'm already on 4.2 and Ithian's guide says you should not update if you are on 4.1, etc.. etc.. So I think it's safe to assume the opposite correct?

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    You should re-read that post you linked, a bit more carefully this time. I specifically addressed what needs to be updated on your console to get this game running, along with mentioning that it fixes 002 and black screens in the header of the post (ironically, I underlined that and placed it at the top of the post so no one would miss it...) for hardmod and softmod users.

    As a modchip user 4.2 will kill your out-of-region support. Until your modchip manufacturer comes out with an update this is the only fix available which doesn't require you to update to 4.2.

    Since you missed these points which were already contained in a post you linked here my advice is to seriously re-read the material and make sure you aren't glossing over anything. Wouldn't want you to mess up your console in the process.
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