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Thread: usb loader it goes straight to black screen

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    usb loader it goes straight to black screen

    hello mods and 1st off i want to thank each and everyone of u for youre contributions to this as this site is gosh dern amazing and i plan to donate in the future but back on task. mine quest is simple hopefully as i modded my 4.1 wii with docceggs tut and games work fine everything does exccept..... sometime when i select game in usb loader it goes straight to black screen and has error to eject disc and restart and when i restart it works fine....? it does this once a day and im just needing help. thx in advance......

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    As your question is beyond what this guide is intended, I'm moving your post to the newbie section.
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    Here is the fix for the usb loader if you load a game and get a black screen and have to hard shut it off.

    When you enter USB loader make sure 1: Go to settings.
    2: Game Load
    3: In game load go under (partition)
    4: MAKE SURE ITS (>>>>((WBFSI)))<<<< setting

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    right on bro. iseen ur thread after i posted like a dumb word that is not necessary to convey my feelings but thx. hope this works . did ur work sometimes and black screen sometimes? mine starts working after i restart... its wierd but ill try and post my sucess or failure. thx again
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