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Thread: Can't get monster hunter 3 to work, hermes ios222/223 installer not working

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    Can't get monster hunter 3 to work, hermes ios222/223 installer not working

    So i've already searched tons on how to get monster hunter 3 to work. Apparently I need to get hermes ios222/223 installer, then install ios38 with ios37. Problem is I have router issues, I can't even get to my linksys router settings anymore, i tried resetting it, unplugging turning it off so many times. I just can't get to the settings anymore for apparently no reason. Anyway, the problem with that is that I can't just use network downloading on my wii because I can't set it up properly on the internet. So I tried to download the offline files by using the NUS downloader, but I believe it won't work due to the router too I think. it says " --- IOS37 ---
    Starting NUS Download. Please be patient!
    Grabbing tmd.v3612...
    Download Failed: tmd.v3612
    - Reason: (401) Unauthorized."

    couldn't find a solution for that. Can anyone please send me the files I need to install the 37 merged with 38 pleeeeeaaaassee? I've been working on this game all day and I'm a little past my snapping point.

    also any simplistic with the most important parts written down in one spot of how to get this game working would be reeally nice too. I really would appreciate it tons if anyone helped. Thanks.

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    You can install Hermes offline also. Look here

    V4 can be found here. The first link is for V5 and 5.1. I am still using V4 with no problems With MH3 or any other game requiring Hermes.
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