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Thread: few quuestion about usb on modchip?

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    few quuestion about usb on modchip?

    Hi I am new and I need a help.I have modchiped wii and I can play backcopy games from dvd but I want to start using games from usb.what is easiest way to do that.I read about softmod but I dont understand must I have internet connection on wii for that because I dont have and is there any way to make it work without internet on wii.I hope someone will help me.thanks

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    yes, u can completely finish a SoftMod without the need to set Wii online (network) installation.
    Yet, u at least need to access internet in order to download all the zip files. Refer to FAQ, check against Dogeggs, Messie and ShadowSonic2's threads in the Forum.
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    thanks i will try to find that threads


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