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Thread: WBFS Problem, Plsz Help! Unable to add Games...

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    WBFS Problem, Plsz Help! Unable to add Games...

    Hey guys, I've been browsing the forums and i don't believe i've found an answer to my situation. So I hope i'm not posting a question/problem, that's already been resolved. So here it is.

    I'm Unable to Add Games to my USB Stick through WBFS Manager 3.0. But on my friends computer, I'm able to... I don't really get why.

    So every time i load the drive, And try to add a game, the progress bar does not move at all, and instead of having the "Elapsed Time" actively counting up, it updates it every few minutes. As if it was lagging or something.

    I'm Running Windows 7. 64 Bit. I have the latest WBFS Manager 3.0. And, I tried running it as Admin, and it still doesn't work. My USB Stick, already has 2 games on it, that i've added through my friends computer, so i'm pretty sure the USB Stick Isn't the problem. And Also, the iso i'm trying to add, has been added before through my friends computer, and has worked as well. So i'm trying to add that very same file through my own computer.

    So PLSZ, If anyone can help me, please do. So i don't have to resort to using my friends computer everytime i need to add a game inside.

    OH, and BTW, my friends computer is also a 64 Bit Windows 7. So i really don't understand why my computer can't run WBFS properly..

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    The only things I can think of..

    -Try Wii backup Manager OR WBFS Intelligent
    - Uninstall and Re-Install WBFS Manager 3.0 (Try a Diff Download Source)
    - Run Windows Update
    - Run an Antivirus/malware Scan
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    I had the same issue with Version 3, I went back to version 2.5 and have not had a problem. Try version 2.5 on your computer. I sometimes don't get the progress bar moving when transfering games over, never sure why as it seems random, but never had an issue with any game that did that.

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    Ok thx, I'll try that.

    Krank, I've tried downloading else where, and have performed the virus scan and yet, none of them ever worked. And i download most of my stuff from Demonoid. A totally reliable Website. So yeah. Nothing Works.

    Hawker, I downloaded 2.5 and yeah, same problem. Doesn't work. Ran it as Admin as well, still doesn't work. I let it sit for like 4 hours, and all i got was a 10 bar of progress... So yeah, any other idea guys? I really appreciate the help so far.
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    Download it from the link in my signature. "USB HDD Guide" . Make sure to completley unisntall the other one before you reinstall.

    Try Wii backup Manager OR WBFS Intelligent
    That is all I can think of. Sorry.
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    And use a registry cleaner after the uninstall to make sure it is complete.
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    I Tried WBFS Intelligent v6, Didn't work. And then i Tried Wii Back up Manager v3.4. AND IT WORKS! I still don't get why WBFS doesn't work for me though. But anyways. I really appreciate the help you guys. Thank you so much!


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