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Thread: Learning stuff about ioses and patches

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    Learning stuff about ioses and patches

    so im just reading like that some things about ioses and dop-mii and found out that for Cioscorp

    "All IOS have the Trucha Bug restored.

    All System Menu IOS (11, 20, 30, 40, 50, 52, 60, and 70), along with
    IOSes 35, 36, and 37, now all have the ES_Identify Patch in them.
    This allows preloader compatibility, and should allow the majority
    of homebrew applications to use the ES_Identify function, but due
    to the way the newer IOS work, it will only allow ES_Identify to be
    called once per IOS Reload.

    IOS36 = IOS36 v3094 with rev13 DIP + ES_Identify Patch + NAND Permissions Patch
    IOS37 = IOS37 v3612 with rev14 DIP + ES_Identify Patch + NAND Permissions Patch"

    So basically from this i see that ES_Identify patch is used in all system menu versions but I was searching and like to better understand what all these patches do from what i understand i know some programs need absolutely fakesigned bug and es_identify to work as stated above..

    But more importantly in dop mii report what does the flash section mean? ex: IOS Version, FakeSign, ES_Identify, NAND, Flash. Obviously if you patch FakeSign, ES_Identify, NAND it will show up as enabled but what is the flash section mean? I was reading and searching on google and nothing showed up.

    Now lets say I were to mod a system to be completely compatible with every single mod out there for example. Lets suppose you want to mod the whole system right away so that every app is compatible would you say patching the above mentioned ioses would be the only ones to patch? I'm sure there will be more ioses in the future but lets say for now or until ios 70...

    Thank you

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    You don't need all the IOS's fake signed. All "legal" homebrew will run from IOS36, that is the first IOS that you will have fake signed on your Wii. So that takes care of running all of the homebrew you can find. Then that fake signed IOS36 is used to install the custom IOS's. The custom IOS's are above IOS200 and will be used to run the rest of the apps to boot your backups. So, if you properly modded your Wii, all homebrew and backups will work, eliminating the desire to install cIOScorp.

    cIOScorp is not a fix all, or a quick way to softmod your Wii. In fact, I would not recommend cIOScorp to anybody. Besides cIOScorp is out dated, Darkcorp is the updated cIOScorp.
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