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Thread: System time and date self reverted?

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    Question System time and date self reverted?

    It's been a few weeks now since I soft modded my wii. Seems like I got all the bugs fixed and am playing my backups without any problems. Then just now, my sister played animal crossing and the date and time were wrong. I then checked the wii system and that date and time was wrong too! It showed 5/18, that's the day I first did the homebrew install! This is weird because my sister and I have played animal crossing multiple times since the soft mod and there were no problems until today.

    Why would the date and time revert back to the day I first did the soft mod?
    Would anyone know what could cause the date and time to change like that?


    (ps. I just want to fix this asap, because the time change really messed up all my sister's flower breeding. I don't want it to happen again.)
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    Not sure. Maybe the internal battery is going. Have you set it to the correct Date and time and waited for a day or 2 to see if it resets again.
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    It just happened like an hour ago, I'll keep an eye on it. To tell you the truth, I haven't looked at the time and date for several days, and we haven't played AC for about a few days. It could have happened earlier. The weird thing is though, why would it revert back to the day I first soft modded?
    Also, I know the internal battery is one of those flat circle ones, are the ones the wii uses specialized or can they be bought normally? I don't want to rule this out. Thanks.


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