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Thread: WiiHacker213's Downgrade Problem

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    Unhappy WiiHacker213's Downgrade Problem

    Hey guys I've been working for hours for the past two days trying to fix my cousin's upgraded Wii... I accidentally upgraded it to 4.2u when I wasn't paying attention so I tried to use A NON-SUPPORTED FAILTUBE GUIDE BUTTTTT... I got the black screen right after I clicked "Load" for AnyRegion Changer. Any way I can finally get through that last step? Every other channel I click on gets the black screen too...

    Please help, it's driving me crazy!!! You're all the best
    (and before anyone starts I know it was stupid downgrading and I know it was stupid upgrading in the first place... )

    Just wanna get the USB Loader GX to start working again, he left all his Wii discs on the other side of the country...
    After I upgraded to 4.2u:
    Wad Manager
    "Wii SD"
    "IOS249.wad" selected
    "Uninstall WAD"
    Launch BootMii
    "Do not reload IOS"
    Network Installation
    Checked success
    IOS Downgrader
    Any Region Changer
    Wiimote turns off and black screen
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    Sorry we don't support FAILTUBE videos, nor DOWNGRADING. Consult the folks who made the guide you followed. Failing that, you could always re-think your post and perhaps form a more acceptable version and post within the bricked section of the site.

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