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Thread: mii channel lanuage settings

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    mii channel lanuage settings

    I recently purchased a wii consol from ebay, it is already softmoded, is all
    good except the mii channel is korean.. how do i remove and change to english.
    operating system 4.0U

    Thanks Eric

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    Be very, very careful with this unit. If it indeed is a Korean unit and you'd change the region (or it has already been done) to USA, do not under any circumstances update to 4.2; I know these units can go ERROR #003 and will hopelessly brick you and be non-functional. Just makin' you aware. ARC = Any Region Changer.

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    Thanks for the tip.
    I ran the arc and everything is already set to USA..
    So how do i fix the Mii channel issue..

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    arc wont fix problem???


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