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Thread: How to upgrade to 4.2U... Wiikey 2, can't get Galaxy 2 to play

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    How to upgrade to 4.2U... Wiikey 2, can't get Galaxy 2 to play

    Okay... i'm currently on 4.1U and using Wiikey 2
    i don't really care for regionfree games, all of my games are US NTSC

    i can't get Galaxy 2 to play, all I get is blank screen and I had to reboot my wii to get it back

    am I missing something? should I just upgrade to 4.2U via wireless? is there a different way to upgrade such as SD as WAD?

    i just want my games to work

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    There is a way to install the ios the game requires and block updates that would be harmful to all mods. It is called softmodding.
    Otherwise you have to update through the disk or use the wifi updates. You will loose region free ability on 4.2 for sure and depending on what nintendo has done in the last day or 2 ( noone ever knows for sure) could loose more than that.
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    Moved to more appropriate section of the site (OP: if you read posts in this section, likely you'll find your answer).

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    All you need to do is softmod your wii using Dogeggs' guide. Its fairly simple if you read the guide 2 or 3 times before actually doing it. After that you can softmod the wii, look for the ios that the games needs and then install it using wad manager. With this, you can never have to worry about doing a disc update or online update just to get what your wii needs to play games. You can have the best of both worlds. Plus you will never know what nintendo might throw in their 4.3 update or when they might throw it.
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    Here's a similar process, borrowing a little from mauifrog's page, you can take that will let you install IOS56 without installing any softmod programs like HBC and without updating to 4.2, and should allow you to play SMG2:
    Go HERE for the solution.
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    on a side note eggy, have you upgraded the FW on your wiikey recently? Wiikey Fusion Announced! Welcome to the official website of Wiikey!


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