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Thread: The Most Vaguely Titled Fail Thread Yet

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    disadvantages of 4.0 vs 3.2

    Hi I have been always in and out of the wii mod scene and basically I kept my wii with 3.2.. just lately i wanted to upgrade to 4.0 for the purpose of sdhc compatibility however i want to be sure with 4.0 that i do not loose any functions or abilities at all as compared with 3.2

    can someone please post me the disadvantages of 4.0 compared to 3.2 (this is for NTSC) also i got a wiikey v1 modchip and i would like to have the options of installing wads if i ever so decide to install vc games that i own in previous systems thank you.
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    There are no disadvantages. 4.0 and 4.1 are good to be on. However don't update to 4.2. Check out the " Updating your old softmod" Guide. That will get you updated to 4.1 with updated Loaders.
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    My wii was on 4.2 due to an update and before I decided to actually mod but I have heard it's best to be on 4.1.

    Link here may be useful

    I cant really tell you why so i'll let someone else do that who is more familiar with the older system menus.

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    oh ya just for reminder i am currently not softmodding but this option is cool for future

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    No softmodding? run the update from new super mario bros. and yoou'll be at 4.1 with all the benefits and none of the downsides.
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    would i be able to install wads?

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    No? To do that you will need to softmod your wii...
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    ah ok so with 3.2 u dont need to so thats a disadvantage...

    is there anything i must do before going to 4.0 so i dont lose features like that dvdx thing? n stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by joey2talk2 View Post
    ah ok so with 3.2 u dont need to so thats a disadvantage...

    is there anything i must do before going to 4.0 so i dont lose features like that dvdx thing? n stuff
    You are confused I think. If you had DVDx HBC or bootmii then you are softmodded in some way. I will say again you CANT install wads unless you are softmodded so I don't know what your talking about.
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    maybe ur confused as to what i mean let me clarify your issue...
    softmodded = similar to hardmod with chip ability to play backups basically without installing a physical chip

    hombrew = install wads, homebrew channel bootmii. I do this and i am able to install say vc titles for example if i want to easily with wad manager in 3.2 u without a cios

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