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Thread: WiiKey Fusion update error

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    WiiKey Fusion update error

    This is so new i dont even expect a reply but here goes....just got my wiifusion delivered (fitted it today) and as soon as i log on to it says theres a new firmware update which i download. I apply the update and the wiikey screen then stops at "writing @ 00000" and stays there - i take it thats the end of the update and reboot - now it wont see i say this is all new but if theres a way of emergency flashing the fusion im all ears...thanks to anyone that chips in...

    okay - lucky i had a spare wii fusion key (well - kind of - it was my mates...not anymore) tried again - it gets to the writing @ 000000 and then sits there - its taken 10 mins to change to writing @ 001000 - so it look like its going to take ages for it to update - wish they'd said that - well, if anyone knows how to emergency reflash one of these pups im all ears...
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    Ok- second attempt took approximately 12hours!!!!! yes, i left it running overnight and in the morning it was sitting there with the wii front screen...

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    just put the v1.2 update on last night - that took about 5 mins to put on...i must confess though i havent got a great deal to work on it....tried smg2, didnt work, tried nsmb and that didnt work also....squeeballs worked - so it proves that the fusion is doing its thing...just not enough of it...

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    how does it not work when you say "doesn't" work? do you mean that it gives you a disc error like "Please insert [Game Title] into DVD drive" or what?

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    Chances are those games that aren't working as you've stated require an ios update which there are a few different ways to install.

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    Well, i did have a bit of a conversation going on with over the last couple of days and they said that they couldnt guarantee their chip would work with the softmods i had installed, So, with their advice i did a standard OTA update (to 4.2 i guess) and it no different so i now i have a chip that wont boot the games that i want and no softmods....great.... im beginning to think it would have been better to leave the old wiikey in there and just carry on with the softmod way of booting...

    Just out of curiosity - is there a way i can get the softmods back on??

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    Well in my opinion a site search would do you wonders.

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    ok - i was just double checking....i found the link already but was just looking for confirmation....the last time i did it it took all day and still dont think it was absolutely right but it we go again....

    So, going on what wiikey said in your opinion would you say that the softmods would, interferre with the chip, find it hard to believe myself but, theyre you go....
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    Well, ive been at this for 2 nights straight and im absolutely facking lost...ive got 3 or 4 memory cards strewn around me and no idea what does what, given up with the fusion - it just doesnt work, told me to use a branded card which i did, no joy, so i went down the route of trying to get my softmods back on but im lost on the ios249 thing, ive tried to follow the walkthrough but im confused as the wording says "try this, if not this, and why not this...." - im lost....i have got some softmods on my wii but the homebrew channel has no icons on it the neo gamma says ios249 not cios249 - dont know whats going on there and the usb loader gx thing hangs when i plug in an external stick....all in all crap, nothing works....any help would be appreciated...

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    Why do just start over and get a 4.2 soft mod guide and be done with it???????

    I dont understand why anyone, at all, would purchase a wiikey or any other mod chip for the wii with it being common knowledge for over a year now that softmod is the better solution to your backup game needs.

    less confusion, 100% compatability, and tons more have soft mod so you know its working and stays more up to date.

    why in the hell pay for something that doesnt a poorer job than the free version? doesnt make sense to me. with the new wiis coming out that cant read dvdrs the whole mod chip scene seems to be dying out anyway.

    good luck with your endeavors whatever you choose, but if i were you id uninstall that crap and redo a softmod and get on the same page a 99% of the rest of us so that when a problem does arise there are many more people to help you through it

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