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Thread: if your wii console has an unauthorized technical modification

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    if your wii console has an unauthorized technical modification

    I haven't played my Wii for a while so please bare with me.
    I just recently purchased prince of persia and super mario galaxy 2
    when i inserted super mario galaxy 2, it just displayed a black screen and when I inserted pop, it displayed this message.

    "if your wii console has an unauthorized technical modification this upgrade could cause inoperability of your console"

    I had my wii modified in some store and I don't know what they used to modify it. Can this update potentially brick my wii? If so, is there anyway I can workaround this? Thanks

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    yes. do not accept the updates. Post in the introduction section and carefully read the intro message you get. It will have links to guides that will get you up to date. add brick protection. AND there are guides that address both games you are asking about already in there respective threads. Have fun on wiihacks.
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    Thanks bro. Sorry if this thread is out of place. I'm really new here. Will post in the introduction thread. Btw, where can I find these game guides that you are talking about? Thanks again.


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