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Thread: Hi to all

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    Hi to all

    hi thanks for a great site hope i can be of some use to u someday

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    Hello gimpchop and welcome to, the world’s largest Wii modding and forum community.

    You can find links to our most popular guides at the Wiihacks Ultimate Index. Another incredibly useful guide for new members is HERE. Please familiarize yourself with the Forum Rules as well.

    Many of our newest members have questions which can be answered in the Tutorials Section.
    If you're interested in learning about softmods, head to one of the following guides:
    Any 3.1-4.1 Wii
    Softmod Any 4.2 Wii
    Full Hacking Guide for 4.2 Wiis.

    We have a section of the forum specifically dedicated to the modchips that can be found here.If you have game playing issues look here

    If you run into an error, please refer to the Error Index.

    There are two methods for running your backups: Disc or USB. If you purchased your console after late Summer-ish '09, you could have a D3-2 drive which prevents backup discs of any kind from playing. You can Check Here with your serial number.

    The moderators, staff, and member based here at Wiihacks are very helpful and knowledgeable, but use the Search function before asking questions and make sure to post in the appropriate forum to get the quickest and most accurate response. If you aren't sure where to post your question, or have a simple one to ask, post in the Newbie Discussion Forum.

    Come join us in the IRC if you'd like to chat with your fellow members. Please read the Welcome and Rules then feel free to join. Here are a couple tutorials if you are using ChatZilla or mIRC.

    If you feel the assistance you've received at Wiihacks has helped out, you can give back to the community by making a Donation. You'll also get a nice banner under your name and can gain access to special donator forums.

    Again, welcome to the community and we look forward to seeing you around!

    Monster Hunter 3!

    Super Mario Galaxy 2!
    POP Forgotten Sands!
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    Best name of the week.
    If i helped you please click thanks.


    II. Posting Rules and Guidelines

    1. Posts themselves should be made following additional rules and guidelines:

    a) Before posting your question, use the SEARCH function. Look through the site Tutorials, Guides, and FAQs.


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