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Thread: Need Some Advince.

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    Need Some Advince.

    I need to some advince on an USB Loader HBC and some Emulators. I am currently using my Softmodded wii on 4.0U with WBFS partition HDD (I think, it's at least under 4.2U for sure). I am currently using NeoGamma (which I don't have Game Covers previews). Is it possible to get cover previews with NeoGamma?

    I am also looking for a Super Nintendo Emautalor. I was thinking about using snes9xgx, but is the current version the best? Does roms work off the USB loader on the format of WBFS partition? What emulator should I use for GC games? Can I also use the USB loader to play my games on the GC emulator or do I have to burn GC games to play them with the GC emulator?

    Thank you all for reading my big thread!

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    You need to search. All of these questions have been answered and are covered in many threads.

    There is no GC emulator for the Wii. The wii plays GC games...

    Check out for emulators and Info. It is updated all the time.

    ROMS can only be loaded from a FAT32 SD or USB HDD.
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    Not sure if you will find this useful

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    narse1979, The link was very useful, thanks. I didn't say before, but my wii is softmodded and hardmodded (with WiiKey1). I will probably softmod my Wii again, because the help provided here huge! I am kinda amazed I didn't brick my system, even though I thought I knew what I was doing.
    Krank, Thanks for the information.

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