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Thread: Messed up my Usb LoaderGX.

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    Messed up my Usb LoaderGX.

    I followed shadowsonics guide and got my virgin 4.2U to work, along with the usb loaderGX included in his pack. Granted my WD 320 element hard drive didn't work with it despite the compatability table in gbatemp saying so. But reading some stuff about updating the IOS might help the compability I used pimp my wii to update them. Now USB loader GX stops responding after I select any game in the list even when using the usb stick that works. the neo gammer loader still works though so I'm not completely screwed.

    Any idea how I can get the usb loader GX working again?

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    Delete the .dol file from your sd card and download a different rev. (This happened to me with the latest ver of gx loader, i went back to rev 898 i think and all is fine)

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    I used pimp my wii to update them.
    Avoid this program at all costs. It is not needed for anything.
    Damn I suck!!!!


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