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Thread: Help with Gecko Os Backup Loader V0.1

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    Help with Gecko Os Backup Loader V0.1

    Alright i've downloaded 4 games 2 have worked perfectly with longer load times (bleach shattered blade and Mario Kart Wii) then there are the other two that give me the warning and then tell me what controllers i can play with during this game (mortal kombat armegedon and Super Paper Mario) i've read others reviews and they say those two just take a while to load but i think after 2 hours it isn't working Do you know how to fix this??? Oh and could some one tell me how to make my torrents faster i use Bittorrent 6.1.1

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    I don't know about backup loader but as for torrent client use uTorrent which much popular.

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    well try getting trakers to download faster to find them search here and type trackers

    oh one more thing did you install 249 in dvdx thing to watch movies maybe it will work if you did it and bittorent has a virus you shouldent use it it has a virus try utorrent or google to find a torrent downloader

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    Wow 2 hours! That takes all the fun out of the Wii and it is a good reason to get a mod chip installed.

    As far as a bittorret, Lime wire seems to be straight forward and easy to use.
    Some stuff will take 2 hours to download and some 2 days!


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