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Thread: Wiikey Update - Advice Needed

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    Question Wiikey Update - Advice Needed

    I bought a Wii on launch had modded it with the original wiikey. The wiikey was updated for compatibility for Super Paper Mario / SSBB (I can't remember to exact version and don't have access to the wii at this time). Since then the Wii has gathered dust, but I'm ready to bust it out now.

    Is it possible to update the original Wiikey straight to 1.9s or 1.99 beta to play all the latest games? Mainly for Monster Hunter Tri, I've read a few places that MH3 requires a softmod, is this still the case? Or is their a workaround?

    If softmodding is the only option, is it possible for my Wii to be softmodded?

    Thanks for the help, I've been out of the loop for so long any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

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    Well since the original WiiKey is no longer really supported you might want to consider upgrading to a WiiKey2 or an alternative and no game requires softmodding to run just the appropriate IOS which you can use softmodding to install or can install via a disc update and my Monster Hunter Tri retail disc and iso backup work fine with my WODE (modchip) to confirm you don't need a softmod for it to run.

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    You should be able to update just fine. My original Wiikey is still working fine and plays everything I've thrown at it so far.

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    Would it be wise for me to update my Wii to 4.2E then follow ShadowSonics 'Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii!' guide?

    Are there any risks of bricking by updating my Wii with a Wiikey?

    I don't mind if I render my Wiikey as useless, as softmodding does seem the way to go.

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    Do not update your wii to system menu 4.2E. You can leave it at its current system menu and still softmod it using DogEggs' guide. And if you look in the wiikey forum on this site, ShadowSonic2 has announced that wiikey has released an update for the Wiikey1 to get passed BCA protected games. If you still want to softmod your wii, then just stay on the system menu you are on. You have to learn that a system menu has nothing to do with whether a game loads or not. Its just depends on if your wii has the required IOS to play the game. Softmod your wii without updating to 4.2E, then install the Monster Tri Hunter 3 IOS and then you should be able to play the game through your disc channel without any problems. Just make sure you read the tutorial for softmodding a few times before you actually follow through with the softmod. Its not something that you wanna do and follow the instrustions for the first time with out reading it through.
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