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Thread: USB Loader - Recognizing the HDCase on windows

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    Question USB Loader - Recognizing the HDCase on windows

    Hey guys!
    Nice too meet you!

    I bought my WII today, and it comes with the USB Loader "Hack".

    When I connect the HD to the Wii by USB conection and runs the USB Loader from the Wii Menu, it shows the games that come with the HD. That's ok.

    But now I've download 3 games with Torrent and want to put these on the HD to play on Wii. When I connect the HD to my PC it doesn't recognizes the HD, and shows a storage partition with 0 bytes and no files inside.

    How can I put my downloaded games at the HD?


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    Sounds like wbfs files system Windows won't recognize it. Google wbfs manager to install to the pc.
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    Thank you guys for the answer, now I know how to put the games on HDD..

    But now I'm with another problem:

    I said: When I connect the HD to my PC it doesn't recognizes the HD, and shows a storage partition with 0 bytes and no files inside.

    But now when I connect the HD to my PC the windows doesn't recognizes the USB Mass Storage, it's just an USB Unknow Device. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    I didn't change anything on the HD, I just was playing on Wii and tried to follow the tutorials of WBFS right now.

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    Windows does not like WBFS as it does not know what it is... That is why you need the WBFS Manager to read the WBFS Partition... When i insert my hdd into the computer it wants to format it... Nothing to worry about, and nothing you changed caused it...

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    but this is the problem, my pc doesn't recognize it as a partition anymore... it's only an unknow usb drive...

    I cant choose a partition in WBFS because it isnt a new partition that windows want to format, its just an unknow usb drive...

    I tried to connect this on a friend computer and it's working ok...

    I don't know why my pc is not reading the drive as a mass storage again...
    Does anyone knows what's this problem?

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    thank you very much guys!

    I solved all the problems of Unknow device by shutting off the PC. And starting it again...

    I'm playing right now Silent Hill and Call of Duty MW Reflex, amazing!


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