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Thread: SD adapter = no power.

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    SD adapter = no power.

    I installed my wiikey fusion last night it loads games via dvd, but when i have the SD adapter plugged in, the wii has no power. Unplug it the wii has power. Anyone else having this problem? Sucks because I bought it for its SD abilities.

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    Now none of my games will work. It gives me a disk read error, even on original games. Unplug the chip originals run fine. Maybe I got a bad chip. My wiikey with the clip worked better than this one.

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    hey i just installed my wiikey fusion last night as well, and am having problems too. my sd card works, but none of my backups work. when i unplug my chip the original works fine as well. they did not send us any protection for the wiikey to not be shorted out when touching metal pats of the wii, so you are supposed to just lay it down on the chasis when you are installing right?

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    I had protection from my wiikey clip. I just used that so nothing will short out. Still can't get it to work.

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    Ah okay, well I did close my wii and it did the same thing before and after that so I don't think I shorted anything, but the chip reads the games, but the games fail to work, I just hear the dvd drive restarting when trying to spin the disc, and I also have problems with ejecting the disc, sometimes it won't let me eject it until I take out the wiikey fusion chip. i have searched all over google trying to find help but it's just too darn new i guess

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    I'm having the eject problem too. How old is your Wii? I got mine about a year after release. Maybe it's a problem with the older Wii's.

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    I have the D3 chipset, since I bought mine May 2009. The D3-2 came out about August 2009. So mine should be compatible, but yeah yours is a fairly older, but that shouldn't be the problem.

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    Ok - it probably wont help but ill let you all know that i got my wiikey fusion delivered while i was away. I fitted it and all is well but i really havent had time to play around with it properly - i put one game on there and that works fine. I have posted elsewhere on here but i would also see if you can get the fimware update on (1.1) - it took about 12 hours or so for it to complete!!!! - yes, that long - also if your having problems try to fire it all up apart and spread out just to make sure nothing is grounding might sound obvious but it was just a thought.

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    oh - mine is an old wii as well (the model where you had to grind away the chipset to connect the wiikey wires) - just so you know it does work on old ones...

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    Yeah it's all apart that's how it's been for a while. Every backup that I have burned so far keeps giving me a disc read error. I don't know what else to try.

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