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Thread: Help with gamecube controller

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    Help with gamecube controller


    I bought a non-original gamecube controller some months ago. After everytime I have played a GC game I twist the gc controller cable around the gc controller and it was in that position for some weeks. Now when I want to play the GC games when I put the controller in the wii it just starts to auto rumble all the time and the buttons cant be used.
    Does anyone know what to do?
    Thanks in Advance.

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    You could have possibly damaged a soldered connection in the controller or a wire inside the cable by wrapping the cable around the controller. Sure it makes for a quick way to clean up after enjoying a game or two but it can and does cause extra fatigue on wires and connections. My suggestion is to find a Wavebird controller on Amazon and then you can have the best of both worlds (no cord and easy clean up).


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